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The Significance of Family in China

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List of Chinese Family Values

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List of Chinese Family Values

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A central concept in Chinese family values is the idea of "filial piety," or respecting parents and grandparents. Children are traditionally expected to be obedient to their father and mother for their whole lives, even allowing parents to decide which college they attend or what career they choose.

The Chinese culture has undergone many dramatic changes in recent years, but the family structure and the importance of family values remain a focus.

Families are still cherished, honored and respected, whether you live in the traditional, rural environment, or the modern, urban city.

Traditional Chinese Family Values unavocenorthernalabama.comght Male Power unavocenorthernalabama.comght Family Reunion unavocenorthernalabama.comght Family Reputations Individual effort is not for realizing self-worth, but for glorifying family name.

Chinese values are less traditional today but dedication to family is still embraced and expected. Much respect is shown to elders and their opinions matter. Men in the family hold more power. While the traditional family structure and values have changed in recent decades, Liu Zhihua reports that some things never change.

Throughout history, family has been considered to be the base of Chinese. Apr 21,  · Family and friends are just more trusted and relates to the family being a central role in Chinese culture as I wrote above.

Of course the work ethic of Chinese is a big reason of the Chinese around the world.

Chinese Family Values Chinese family value
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