Mrs cuntalot went to cuntsworth

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tu tma01  Question 1 (a) The way I like to take notes on TU is to firstly jot down words are phrases I think may be useful, I do this while reading the material for the first time Once I have completed a section I then go back through it, looking for more things that might now seem important.

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Mrs Cuntalot went to cuntsworth. com/OUTU/posts/‎ well, almost finished tma01 no idea what they want for question 2 b lol. figure i'll get there. Mrs Cuntalot went to cuntsworth.

com/OUTU/posts/‎ well, almost finished tma01 no idea what they want for question 2 b lol. figure i'll get there. We had our final three Trip Around the World Presentations! We went to the Netherlands, Bosnia, and Papua New Guinea!

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We went to the high school for a concert dress rehearsal. We had our Dreaming Around the World Concert. Thank you for coming! See photos below! Other Notes. Progress Notes are coming home Friday, April 13th.

Mrs cuntalot went to cuntsworth
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