Recycling shredded paper

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Shredded Paper

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Mobile Shredding across South California

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Brentwood Borough Council Waste and Recycling - Recycling - Paper, Cardboard, Plastic ...

Paper is one of the most recyclable items out there, with a recycling rate of up to 60% in the U.S. But, here is a strange recycling anomaly: When you shred paper, it is much more difficult to get recycling centers to accept it. Information about residential recycling collection, drop-off, acceptable, electronic recycling, and curbside textile recycling.

C&G Recycling. Businesses which are relocating, re-organising archives or just having a paper purge, trust C&G Recycling with the secure shredding of their confidential data.

Paper, Cardboard, Plastic and Cans. Dry recycling collections are weekly. You can recycle over 50% of your waste by using the orange sack for paper. Instead, shredded paper clings to the other items, flitters around the recycling facility, and/or sticks to the equipment's gears.

You may remember when bagged shredded paper could be placed in the recycling. Shredded paper is included in curbside recycling programs in BC.

To ensure that smaller pieces do not make a mess in your bin, it is best to contain the shredded paper in a firmly tied, clear plastic bag.

Recycling shredded paper
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