The old myths of two families at war as described in altina wallers book feud

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Families at War

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The Feud: The Hatfields and McCoys, The True Story

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Forever War

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The True Story of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud

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This is also the essay they take a special interest in General:. Jan 01,  · This book was an interesting, well researched look at the famous feud.

For me, the strength of this book was how the author captured the unique time and place (after the civil war in the Appalachian Mountains)/5.

Feud The Feud as a Community Throughout the book Feud, Altina L. Waller debunks the old myths of two families at war and shows us that not only was the Feud a family feud but there were many people not in the Hatfield and McCoy families.

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The Hatfield-McCoy Feud began in between two rural families living in the West Virginia/Kentucky region along the Tug Fork River. Bigsandyrivermap - Big Sandy River (Ohio River) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Family Feuds can be nasty things.

It's bad when two people feud, but when entire families are at odds, it's worse. In this study, Altina Waller tells the real story of the Hatfields and McCoys and the Tug Valley of West Virginia and Kentucky, placing the feud in the context of community and. Ranel McCoy's family were not as fortunate as the Hatfield family, and there were two things that caused problems for the McCoys, that particular branch of the McCoy family.


One was that they originally didn't have access to as good of land as the Hatfields did that came a little later.

The old myths of two families at war as described in altina wallers book feud
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